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Rifle Heritage Center & Museum

Volunteer Listing

"Those who volunteer don't necessarily have the time; they simply have the heart."

Our museum is only as good as the volunteers who donate their time and abilities to make it success.  Based on this listing, it's no wonder our museum is so exceptional!

Paul Bernklau

Gail Coombs

Jan Day

Kip Kipping

Alan Lambert

Shirley Lawson

George Pearson

Jayden Petree

Ian Robinson

Lynn Roe

Kevin Runia

Kathy Runia

Lois Scripter

Betty Waldron

Cecil Waldron

Jan Walker

Kim Wilkie

Diane Senechal

Amanda Ingle

Do you have a passion for history?  Love lending a hand?

Have a unique talent that could be implemented into our museum?

Well, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today!

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